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IGAD Member Countries Establish the Horn of Africa Wildlife Law Enforcement Network (HAWEN)

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The member countries of IGAD established a new regional body to expand and strengthen their fight against illegal wildlife trade in the Horn of Africa at a November 15 ceremony at African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Ministers responsible for wildlife conservation from the IGAD member states signed a Protocol and Declaration establishing the Horn of Africa Wildlife Enforcement Network (HAWEN) as a specialized technical body of IGAD.  The launch capped a five-year initiative driven by recognition that illegal wildlife trade is a common threat that has no respect for borders and that stronger, more active cross-border cooperation is needed to combat it.

As a specialized technical body of IGAD, the HAWEN will lead implementation of wildlife enforcement component of the IGAD Wildlife Management Strategy adopted in July, 2017.  This includes coordinating the participating governments on wildlife trafficking and enforcement matters and providing a regional platform for information sharing, promoting uniform enforcement standards, law enforcement cooperation, coordination of capacity building and training, and public outreach.  Externally, the HAWEN will act as a focal point for relations with other WENs and partner organizations including the partners in the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC).  The HAWEN will also support implementation of the African Strategy on Combating Illegal Exploitation and Illegal Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora in Africa, adopted by the African Union in 2015, within the IGAD region.

The HAWEN Secretariat will be located at IGAD headquarters in Djibouti.

Key partners supporting the HAWEN include the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center and Network (HoAREC), the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), the IUCN National Chapter of the Netherlands, and the Dutch government.  The governments of Sweden and the United States of America, the African Wildlife Foundation, Born Free Foundation, Freeland Foundation, TRAFFIC, and the Wildlife Conservation Society have also contributed to the HAWEN initiative.

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Rhino horns worth $5m seized in Thailand off flight from Ethiopia

Source: BBC

Twenty-one rhino horns worth an estimated $5m have been seized in Thailand after being found in luggage sent from Ethiopia in the biggest such haul in years.

The seizure comes days after 300kg of elephant ivory was also impounded in the country.

Thailand is seen as a transit point for the illegal trafficking of wildlife.

Several species of rhino are at critical risk of extinction, conservationists say.

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Dramatic Changes in China’s Ivory Trade

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Dramatic changes are taking place in China’s ivory market as the government makes good on its commitment to ban the legal trade completely by the end of 2017.  We would like to share with you our latest news. Yesterday Save the Elephants published a new report on the state of the ivory trade in China by our consultants Lucy Vigne and Esmond Martin.  The bottom line is that the price of raw ivory has fallen by two thirds in the last three years.

Previous publications in this series revealed the price peaking at $2,100 in 2014 before dropping to $1,100 in 2015. With declining interest in ivory trade and an imminent ban on the trade taking effect at the end of the year, the researchers are seeing visible signs of change. Several ivory shops remained closed for many days in the week, and vendors have began replacing elephant ivory displays with mammoth ivory.

After such a bold step by China to close its markets, the survival chances for elephants have distinctly improved. We must give credit to China for having done the right thing. There is still a long way to go to end the excessive killing of elephants for ivory, but there is now greater hope for the species.